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LG PuriCare Objet Collection Water Purifier – Calming Blue

Getting healthy water can take a lot of effort. LG PuriCare Objet Collection Water Purifier’s direct-filtration system makes it effortless by instantly removing bacteria and heavy metals. So you can always drink instantly fresh and clean water with tankless purification.

  • Auto sterilization
  • Hygiene: Tankless, 4-Stage All-Puri Filter System
  • Convenience: LG ThinQ™, Voice Guidance
  • Design: 17cm Super Slim Design

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LG PuriCare Objet Collection Water Purifier

A kitchen that adds sensibility with sensuous design. The objet collection water purifier goes well with any space and adds a different sensibility to your kitchen.

Introducing the LG PuriCare Objet Collection Water Purifier – your key to pure, refreshing hydration right at home. With advanced filtration technology and sleek design, this water purifier not only ensures clean drinking water but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen or living space.

Say goodbye to impurities and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family is drinking water that’s free from contaminants. Plus, with features like the Up and down auto moving tap and favorite button control panel, getting the perfect glass of water has never been easier.

Ready to experience the benefits of the LG PuriCare Objet Collection Water Purifier? Contact our sales team today to learn more and get started on your journey to cleaner, healthier hydration for you and your loved ones.

LG PuriCare Objet Collection: Best Water Purifier for Home

Designed for your home

Experience convenience

Hygiene built-in

Custom temperature control

Why Choose LG PuriCare Objet Collection Water Purifier?

Flexible Installation

The LG PuriCare Objet Collection water purifier is crafted to suit rooms of any size, with a flexible dispenser layout that adapts to your preferences. Easily customize the layout to fit your needs and switch it up whenever you like!

Effortless Water Dispensing

The LG PuriCare Objet Collection water purifier features an auto Up & Down moving tap, making water dispensing effortless. Enjoy the convenience of the water outlet automatically adjusting to your perfect height.​

Precise Button Control Panel

The latest LG PuriCare Objet Collection water purifier now includes the button control panels, beloved by our loyal customers. With just a press of a button, you can select your desired water volume, whether it’s for making a cup of tea or cooking. Enjoy precise control at your fingertips!

Hygienic Internal Stainless-Steel Pipes

With the LG PuriCare Objet Collection water purifier, internal hygiene is guaranteed. Experience fresh water from stainless-steel pipes, ensuring a hygienic water experience with pipes that resist corrosion. Enjoy peace of mind with every sip!

Other Benefits of Having LG PuriCare Objet Collection Water Purifier

More reasons why you should get your very own water purifier from LG PuriCare!

Colors Created to Match Your Space & Style

Pick the perfect LG PuriCare water purifier to complement your interior style with a variety of color combinations available. Choose the one that suits your taste and enhances the look of your space effortlessly.

UV Sterilization

LG PuriCare water purifiers have UV sterilization inside the machine that safely removes germs in the water outlet with automatic cycles every hour, giving you peace of mind about your daily water consumption.

Stay Connected with LG ThinQ™

Stay in control, even when you’re on the move! With the LG ThinQ™ app on your smartphone, you can effortlessly check the status of your water purifier in real-time from anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of staying connected at your fingertips!

LG PuriCare Water Purifier Maintenance Information


Design: 17cm Slim Design
Display Function: No
Installation Type: Desk Type
Flexible Installation: Yes
Water Supply: Instant
Color: Calming Blue
Product Dimension (WxHxD, mm): 168 x 398 x 400
Faucet (ØXHXD, mm): No

Performance & Functions

Filter Type: UF
Filters: Pre Carbon Block+ (9 Heavy Metal Removal), Ultra Filtration (Virus Removal)
Internal Sterilize (Auto/Manual): No
Internal Sterilize (Auto): Yes
Outlet Sterilize (Manual): Yes
Voice Guidance: Yes
Heating Method: Induction Heater
Hot Water Temperature Control (℃): 85, 75, 40
Volume Control (mL): 120, 250, 500, 1000
Filter Change Indicator: Yes
4-Directions Moving Tap: No
180˚ Rotating Tap: No
Child Safety Lock: Yes
Inverter Compressor (10 Years Warranty): Yes
Maintenance Method: No
Digital Sterilizing Care: No
Up-Down Moving Tap: Yes

Smart Technology

ThinQ(Wi-Fi): Yes


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