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We are looking for both individuals or teams who are willing to be responsible for generating leads and meeting sales goals. Many benefits await you such as multiple commisions* in a single sale, career advancement**, and more. Most importantly, experience is not required as guiding is provided by our experienced sales managers. Fresh graduates are most welcomed to apply.

Awesome Job Perks

  1. 100% basic commission pay in 1st month.
  2. Earn up to RM2,000 with only 3 sales.
  3. Passive income up to 36 months.
  4. Submit sales remotely via mobile app.
  5. Numerous awards & recognition.
  6. Local / oversea incentive trips.
  7. Great sales opportunity with variety of LG Home Appliances line-ups.
*1 Sale Multiple Commision: Basic + Bonus + Performance + Rental Collection.
** Career Advancement – Puricare™ Manager > Puricare™ Senior Manager > Puricare™ General Manager.
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