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LG PuriCare Malaysia

About LG PuriCare Malaysia

Step into the world of LG Electronics, where innovation and excellence have been driving forces since 1958. With a rich history of pioneering advancements in home electronics, LG continually pushes the boundaries of technology to enhance everyday living.

In Malaysia, LG Electronics proudly offers top-notch home solutions through its dedicated brand, LG PuriCare™. Specializing in creating a healthier living environment, LG PuriCare™ provides a comprehensive range of products, including the acclaimed LG PuriCare water purifier and LG PuriCare air purifier, engineered to deliver purified air and water for a sanctuary of wellness at home. At LG PuriCare Malaysia, our mission is clear: to elevate the quality of life for our customers through innovative technology and superior craftsmanship. From combating air pollutants to ensuring clean drinking water, our LG PuriCare products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

As a global leader in home electronics, LG Malaysia offers a diverse range of products catering to every aspect of modern living, from the revolutionary LG Styler™ Smart-Wardrobe to the hassle-free convenience of the LG Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Our portfolio includes essential home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and dryers, designed to simplify your life. Join us on our journey as we redefine the way you experience home comfort and convenience. Experience the difference with LG PuriCare Malaysia and LG Electronics – where innovation meets excellence, and every home is a haven of wellness.

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Meet LG's Brand Ambassador

We are thrilled to announce Lee Zii Jia as the newest addition to the LG family, appointed as our Brand Ambassador! With Zii Jia on board, we are confident in driving forward and paving the way for Malaysians to embrace a smarter, better life through our innovative technologies and products.

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Business solutions

Digital signage solutions, OLED signage, LED signage, monitors, laptops, projectors, cloud devices, medical displays, and commercial robots.

Home entertainment


In-vehicle infotainment, HVAC & motor, and vehicle engineering.

Home appliances & air solution

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