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LG PuriCare™ 360º HIT Air Purifier

Your home’s air quality isn’t as healthy as you think. Capturing harmful particles and gases, LG PuriCare Air Purifier delivers clean, fresh air to every part of your home. Breathe healthier 365 days a year with 360° air purification.

Key Features

  • 360˚ Purification
  • Multi-filtration System
  • Compact in Size
  • Smart Sensor & Indicator
  • LG ThinQ™
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Thorough Air Purification
Compact in Size
Visible Air Quality
Smart Air Care

Thorough Air Purification

Give Your Air a Deep Clean

Allergy care reduces bacteria, viruses, ultra-fine dust, allergens, and even harmful gases in the air.

Breathe Clean Air with Multi-filtration System

Multi-filtration system captures and removes 99.9%1) of harmful
particles-bacteria, viruses, dust, allergen, and odor components.

Leaves Your Space Clean from Bacteria

The Ionizer2) reduces harmful bacteria, keeping your family

Why Choose LG PuriCare™ 360º Air Purifier?

Introducing the LG PuriCare air purifier – your ultimate guardian of indoor air quality. Designed to combat the unseen pollutants lurking in your home, this purifier employs a comprehensive 360-degree purification system, ensuring that every corner is filled with clean, fresh air.

Equipped with the innovative Clean Booster feature, it rises and rotates to deliver purified air to even the most hard-to-reach corners, leaving no space untouched. Its advanced 6-step filtration system provides complete protection against a range of airborne threats, including ultra-fine dust, allergens, and harmful gases, guaranteeing a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones.

Stay informed about your air quality at all times with the smart indicator, which precisely measures air quality using PM1.0 and gas sensors. Plus, with Smart ThinQ AI technology, you can easily monitor and control your air purifier’s functions from anywhere, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind.

Not just effective, but also aesthetically pleasing, the LG PuriCare air purifier features an elegant Air Round design, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and beauty with the LG PuriCare air purifier – because clean air is the foundation of a healthy home.

BAF has certified that the filter is coated to remove harmful and allergens such as house dust mites, fungi, and mold floating in the air.
Tested by FITI : Anti-bacterial 99.9% ('22.12.01) -Test bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus / Klebsiella pneumoniae / Escherichia coli -Test Method: ISO 20743 : 2021 (Determination of antibacterial activity of textile products)
Tested by KCL : [Anti-viral 99.1% ('23.02.01)] -Test bacteria: Feline calicivirus -Test Method: ISO 18184:2019, but changed the contacting time to 24 hours [Dust 99.999% ('22.10.21)] Remove 99.999% of micro dust size of 0.01㎛ in 15.1min. operating on Turbo mode. Products: PuriCare™ AS183HWWA Condition: 30.0㎥chamber.
Tested by TÜV : Generated Ion 10.0M↑('23.1.16) - Place of Testing : LG Electronics Gasan R&D Campus - Test Result : Test quantity of generated ion (Negative ion over 5M, Positive ion over 5M) in 100mm. - Product : AS60GHWG0 / Condition : 30.2m3

Compact in Size. Fits Anywhere, Covers More Space.

The compact design f its anywhere and keeps the air clean even in large spaces.

360˚ Purification Purify the Air All Around You

LG PuriCare™ purifies the air 360˚ around you,
in every direction, no matter where you place it.

Smart Sensor & Indicator Bring Air Quality to Light

Check your air quality at a glance with a color-coded indicator based on PM 1.0 sensor detecting system.

Extra Sensitive for Extra Tiny Particles

The PM 1.0 Sensor detects contaminants that are undetectable by the human

See Your Air Quality at a Glance

The smart indicator on top of the system displays the overall air quality, monitoring both odors and dust particles.

Smart Air Care Take Control of the Air with LG ThinQ™

Use LG ThinQ™ to turn on PuriCare™ remotely so cleaner air awaits your family-even on dusty days.


Recommended area (㎡) : 62
Power input (W) : 41
Power Supply (V/Hz) : 220~240V / 50/60Hz
Central Control : No
Color : White
Display(Method) : LED + Touch Button
Energy Grade : Energy Standard Unnecessary Model
Exterior Design : No
CADR (CMM) : 8.05
CADR (CMH) : 483
Fan Motor Type : BLDC Motor
Noise (High / Low, dB) : 53 / 25
Rated Voltage : No
Air Volume (High/Low, CMM) : No
Air Volume (High/Low, CFM) : No


Country of Origin : China
Launching Month (YYYY-MM) : 2023-07
Manufacturer (Importer) : Xiamen BRI Environmental Industry Co., Ltd.
Product Type (Model Name) : AS60GHWG0.AML


BAF certification (British Allergy Association) : Yes
AAFA Certification : No


Product Weight (kg) : 6.75
Weight_Shipping (kg) : 8.05
Product Dimensions -WxHxD (mm) : 315 x 511 x 315
Packing Dimensions -WxHxD (mm) : 411 x 591 x 411
Weight_Net (g) : 6700


Child Lock : Yes
Remote controller : No
UV nano : No
Voice guidance : No
Purification Mode/Clean Booster : No
Purification Mode/Single Mode : No
Pet Mode : No
Particle Density Display : No
Mosquito Away : No
Filter Exchange Alarm : Yes
Smart Indicator (Particulate Matter) : No
Fan Mode / Clean Booster Steps : 5 steps (Auto/ Low/ Middle/ High/ Turbo)
Odor Display : Yes
Purification Mode/Smart Mode : No
Battery Charge Time : No
Ionizer : Yes
Sleep Timer : No
UWB Sensor : No
Fan Mode / Purification Steps : 5 steps (Auto/ Low/ Middle/ High/ Turbo)
Purification Mode/Dual Mode : No
Purification Mode/Auto Mode : No
Baby Care : No
Battery : No
Standby Power(Below 1W) No
Smart Indicator (Air Quality) : 4 Steps(Very Bad→Good) Red/Orange/Yellow/Green
Usage Time (Fully Charged) : No
Sensor : Dust (PM1.0) / Gas
360˚ Clean : Yes
CO₂ Detection : No
Wireless : N/A


Filter Grade : H13
Air Purifier Filter : 360˚ Filter(H) X 1 EA


Smart Diagnosis : Yes
ThinQ(Wi-Fi) : Yes
Filter Life Monitoring : No
AQI Status / Report : No
Remote Control : Yes
Puricare Mini Application : No
Auto On / Off : Yes
USB Type : No


Moving Wheel : No


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